Study Skills

Learn how to study more efficiently.

Here are some good study habits for you to consider practicing:

  • Make a daily schedule listing all activities, including study time, and stick to it.
  • Avoid spending too much time on unimportant routine tasks and not enough time on important ones. Evaluate each activity on your list according to its priority and constantly review your priorities during the day.
  • Plan study times for when you are most alert. Sessions of about one hour with five- to ten-minute breaks are most effective.
  • If you have an hour between classes, find an empty classroom in an academic building and do some studying or reviewing!
  • Do not procrastinate. Do your work as soon as you can.
  • Study in a quiet place free from distractions.
  • Try to study in the same place every day and save that place for studying only, if possible. Make sure the space is adequately lit and not too warm.
  • Take breaks during your study sessions. Get up, walk around, eat a snack, and make sure that you get away from your study area for at least 5 minutes.

Want more information on how to study efficiently and effectively? Call (757) 221-2510 or [[deanofstudents,email]] the Dean of Students Office to set up a meeting with one of our staff members. Student groups can also schedule study workshops. 

A few learning assistance sites that students have found helpful: