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Find resources to help you manage your academic work and help you get the most our of your experience at William & Mary.

Spring 2022 Final Exams Preparation Guide

This tool will help you stay organized and get prepared for final exams. It also contains strategies for managing stress related to finals. You can download it as a PDF here or as a Microsoft Word Document here. You can print the guide or use it digitally. Good luck! 

To use the semester guide, follow the instructions below:

  • Begin by filling in your classes in the top row. You can add or remove columns to suit your needs. 
  • For each of your classes, record when your final exam is taking place, or when your final paper or project is due. If you have a take home final, it is a good idea to fill in when the exam is available and when it is due. 
  • Once you fill in when your finals are, work back and up the planning guide and specify what you need to study or accomplish each day. To help with memory retention, it is a good idea to start studying multiple days before your exam, rather than cramming the day before. Similarly, it is a good idea to start on final papers or projects sooner rather than later. 
  • Consider these questions: How can you organize your studying to align with the format of the exam? Do you have a study guide? What can you do to prepare for essay responses on tests? Are you interested in creating a study group? How can you spread your work out and break it down throughout final exams to minimize stress? 
Weekly Time Management

Try out a weekly schedule and/or a weekly to-do list to plan your time. You can download these tools as a PDF here or as a Microsoft Word Document here

  • Weekly Schedule: Use this hourly template to create a weekly routine for yourself, or plan out individual busy weeks. Block out your classes, when you plan to study and do your homework, when you plan to attend your professors' office hours, when you have work, and when you have extra-curricular responsibilities. Be sure you also block out time to rest and relax! You can block out time for meals, for exercise, for spending time doing something that makes you happy, etc.  
  • Weekly To-Do List: Break down your responsibilities into categories to help you prioritize your work. You can break up assignments over multiple days so that your work is balanced across the week, or you can work more on certain days to give yourself more free time on others. It is up to you! 
Time Assessment

If you are trying to get organized and don't know where to begin, or if you feel like you don't have enough time, try our Time Assessment Worksheet. It will help you learn how you are currently spending your time, on a daily and weekly basis. Once you are aware of how you are using your time, you can identify what you want to change. You can download the worksheet as a PDF here or as a Microsoft Word Document here. 

General Academic Resources