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Learn How to Learn

...all over again.

Traditionally, students learn by memorization. However, as a William & Mary student, you will need to move your learning abilities up to the higher levels of the learning process.

It may not be practical to aspire to master the information for every class taken. It is practical to use a combination of techniques to memorize and learn the information well enough to apply the concepts critically. As a result of a diversified approach to studying, you can adapt to your different professors' teaching styles.


Being able to teach the subject matter.


Knowing the subject matter well enough to apply the concepts critically.

Recall Memorization

Memorizing information well enough to recall it without being provided with possible answers.

Recognition Memorization

Memorizing information to recognize the correct answer among several possible answers.

Active Learning

Active learning can be a very helpful strategy for student success. Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when engaging in active learning:

  • Search for alterative explanations to show you understand a concept; you should be able to provide an original example.
  • "Teach class": after class, go into an empty room and recreate a part of the lesson.
  • Read aloud (You will be amazed!).
  • Create charts and/or timelines on poster board (good for history, government, art history).
  • Make corresponding flashcards for a drill.
  • Quiz yourself daily. Use your review time.
  • Organize your materials continuously. As you organize, review the content.
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