Academic Enrichment FAQ

Question: I cannot afford tutoring. What should I do?

Answer: Need-based scholarships for the use of the Tribe TutorZone are available.


Question: What should I do if there are no tutors for the course I am taking?

Answer: Send an email with your request to The TutorZone staff will assist you in locating a tutor.


Question: How do I pay for tutoring sessions?

Answer: Your student account will be charged at the end of the month in which tutoring was received.


Question: I would like to become a tutor in the TutorZone. How do I apply?

Answer: Applications are available at Applications are accepted at any time. 


Question: I would like to learn to manage my time more effectively. Is there a resource available? 

Answer: Yes, you may schedule a free, one- on- one time management meeting through the Tribe TutorZone at


Question: How do I sign up for a study skills workshop?

Answer: You can register for a Strategic Learning, Note- Taking Skills, or Prep for Finals workshop through the TutorZone at


Question: My fraternity would like a speaker to join on of our meetings to discuss time management and study skills. How can I schedule this?

Answer: We are delighted to set up a customized workshop for you group. Please email for assistance.


Question: I am on academic probation. I have completed courses for which I previously received a grade of incomplete and I believe this will change my student status. What should I do?

Answer: As soon as the grade posts to your transcript, notify Dean Everson at She will initiate a review of your record. Complete this process within the first 6 weeks of the semester.


Question: I am on academic probation and, due to an emergency, need to take a final grade of incomplete in a course. How can I obtain the required permission? 

Answer: Contact Dean Everson at immediately for assistance.


Question: I received a letter that I am required to enroll in the Aspire program. When will I receive more information?

Answer: The Aspire Blackboard site will be open by the first day of classes. Full information about the program and expectations for the upcoming semester will be available on the site.