Academic Compass

Letter of Welcome

Dear New Student:Convocation

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to William & Mary. We are thrilled to have you as a member of our campus community. In an effort to assist you with your transition to the College, we offer the Academic Compass.

Here you will find information that will assist you in several academic areas. Much of the information is quite functional and allows you to try out what you are learning. You will also be able to use this resource to plot out your academic path. There are sections that will teach you how to calculate your grades, actively read college text, take notes in the classroom, and perform many other learning skills.

Please take the time to try out some of the hints and activities that are provided in the Compass. We believe that you will find this resource to be an effective tool in your academic success. It is an excellent complement to the other resources that you have been given during the orientation program.

Good luck with your transition to William & Mary. We look forward to working with you while you strive to reach your goals. Please feel free to call upon us for additional support.

Best wishes,

S. Marjorie Thomas
Dean of Students