Career Development Programs and Services

Find Your Path With the Compass Program

It's never too early to begin preparing for the "real world." The Career Center invites freshmen and sophomores to participate in the Compass Program, a comprehensive career development initiative designed to help you learn how to use career tools and resources, increase confidence to inform your major and career decision-making process, and take action in your own career development. The Compass Program gives you a menu of events, workshops, and counseling opportunities, all bundled together to help you find your path and plan for your future, starting in your very first year at William & Mary.

Local Internship Program

It's no secret that one of the best ways to explore career options is through an internship. During the fall and spring semesters, more than 120 internships are offered in the local community. Sites include: law firms, investment firms, social service agencies, museums, communications groups - the list goes on. To apply, you must submit a resume and take part in an interview with the site supervisor. Upon selection, you and your supervisor complete a learning agreement before beginning your 7-10 hour per week internship. Local internships are a convenient way to gain experience in new fields of interest and try out different career options.

Externship Program

During winter and spring breaks, you have the opportunity to shadow an alumni in their place of work. Opportunities abound in a wide range of career fields. To obtain an externship, you will apply directly to the site for selection by the sponsoring alumnus/a. If you are still searching for career direction, externship opportunities are extremely helpful in either confirming a career direction or helping you shift your focus in a new direction.

Summer Internships

Through collaboration with 20 other top colleges and universities, the Career Center presents the University Career Action Network (UCAN), a database of nearly 5,000 internship opportunities across the country. Searchable by location and career field, this resource is helpful if you are seeking significant summer internship experiences while exploring career fields and testing out career directions. The Career Center also offers a variety of other online internship resources, as well as workshops and programs to help you manage your internship search and application process.

Publishing Seminar

Biennially, the Career Center hosts an on-campus publishing seminar, bringing together industry professionals from New York City to present topics in the field and share advice and information about breaking into publishing careers. The event lasts two days and consists of a keynote presentation, luncheon speaker, and concurrent panel presentations.

Management Skills for Public Service Series

In response to the expressed needs of non-profit and local government employers, the Career Center's Making a Living Making a Difference Initiative created this seminar series to better prepare students who want to join the non-profit and government sectors. We bring professionals, usually alumni, to campus to teach workshops on a variety of management topics. Students who participate in this 10-week series incorporate what they learn into building a proposal for a non-profit organization.

Alumni Mentoring

The commitment of Tribe alumni to the College is truly amazing! In partnership with the Alumni Association, the Career Center offers Tribe Connections, an online network of alumni volunteers hosted by the professional networking site, Through this network, you can connect with hundreds of alumni in a wide range of fields, industries, and careers. Networking has never been easier!

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are available throughout the year to help you practive interview skills and sharpen nonverbal behavior. Our interviewers are employers and professionals who have volunteered to help train William & Mary students to be strong interview candidates.

Career Fairs

Career fairs are an excellent means of exploring career options and networking with employers. Come talk to employers about what kinds of jobs they offer, what skill sets they look for in their entry-level employees, and what a career path might look like within their organizations. The Career Center sponsors three on-campus fairs, as well as several off-campus fairs, each year.