Academic Standards

Continuance Standards for New Students

In order to graduate, students must have completed 120 credits in academic subjects with a grade point average of 2.0 both overall and in their field of concentration. After each semester of full-time enrollment, the student must meet the minimum levels of academic progress established by the College. The minimum continuance requirements are the following cumulative GPAs and credits earned at William & Mary. These totals include GPAs and credits earned at William & Mary summer school.

For complete information about academic requirements, check your course catalog.

Semesters at W&M W&M Cumulative GPA W&M Cumulative Credits
1 1.7 9
2 1.7 21
3 1.85 33
4 2.0 48
5 2.0 60
6 2.0 72
7 2.0 84
8 2.0 96
9 2.0 108
10 2.0 120
Honor Societies for New Students

There are two freshman national honor societies that have chapters at William & Mary: Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma. Both societies recognize the academic achievement of new students during their first year at the College. Students who earn a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA by the end of their first or second semesters at William & Mary will be invited to join both societies. The induction ceremony for both societies will take place during the spring semester.


It is a tremendous honor to receive an invitation; approximately twenty percent of this year's class will earn the required GPA and be invited. Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma national honor societies are administered through the Dean of Students Office.

Mid-Semester Progress Reports

Faculty members often provide feedback for those students who are not performing at a level that is satisfactory in their classes. They offer this feedback in the form of the Mid-Semester Progress Report. These reports are available to you on myWM beginning the week after your semester break. They may indicate courses in which you are not performing well so that you have time to evaluate your academic options and make an informed decision. Some of you may not be satisfied with your reported performance level. Therefore, we encourage you to discuss these reports with your individual professors to learn what you must do to show improvement. In addition, the Dean of Students Office offers individual assistance designed to help students show improvement in their courses. Call to make an appointment.

  • Dean of Students Office: 757-221-2510