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COVID-19 Student Support Resources

Our Path Moving Forward

William & Mary is preparing for an early opening and an in-person semester in fall 2020, consistent with Virginia’s public health guidelines (pdf) for higher education. All updates for the return to campus are found on the Path Forward: Fall 2020 website.

We understand there are students who may not be able to return for on-campus housing or to the Williamsburg area for fall 2020. We can assist students with navigating health situations and family circumstances after reviewing categories of course delivery as listed on the Path Forward: Fall 2020 website. 

Accommodations & Medical Modifications

Students who need accessibility accommodations to fully participate in the fall semester – campus housing, curricular offerings, etc. – should reach out to the Office of Student Accessibility Services. Staff members in this office are experienced in supporting students who have accessibility needs, including students who are immunocompromised

For medical modifications such as a medical underload or medical withdrawal, students should reach out to Care Support Services. Returning undergraduate students seeking a leave of absence for the fall 2020 should complete the withdrawal/leave of absence form.

We will work with students (and their faculty as appropriate) to be sure they are in a position to be successful this semester.

Choosing Remote Instruction

By looking up course attributes in Banner, students will be able to craft a fully remote schedule for the fall semester if that is their preference. Not all courses will be available in a fully remote format, so students should seek academic guidance in advance to be sure selected courses support the student’s progress toward their degree/major. The following are available for consultation and referral as needed:

Undergraduates: Shelly Laurenzo, Office of Academic Advising
Graduate School of A&S: Chasity Roberts, Assistant to the Dean
Graduate School of Ed: Jim Barber (returning students), Dot Osborne (new students)
Other Graduate Schools: Contact your school registrar

NOTE: W&M’s on-campus residency requirements notwithstanding, any freshman or sophomore student electing a fully-remote curriculum may be released from their campus housing contract with no penalty in order to reside at their permanent home address for the fall semester.