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Withdrawal Information

The information contained here is not exhaustive but should provide some general information to help students understand the complete withdrawal process, including immediate responsibilities. Any questions related to a specific type of withdrawal should be discussed with a staff member in the Dean of Students Office. There may be other processes that are necessary for specific situations not listed here. Students are responsible and will be held accountable for withdrawing appropriately. For more information, please see the current edition of the Undergraduate Course Catalog and the information attached to the appropriate withdrawal form(s).

Types of Withdrawal and Processes
Mid-semester Withdrawal before deadline

A student who desires to withdraw from the university in the course of an on-going semester must fill out the withdrawal/leave of absence form and submit it to the Dean of Students for approval to withdraw before the end of the ninth week of the semester. A student who acts in that time frame can be confident of approval. The withdrawal counts as an attempted semester within the 10-semester rule.

Students must complete the withdrawal form and complete an exit interview with one of the Deans.

Mid-semester Withdrawal after ninth week deadline

After the ninth week, withdrawal is allowed only for extraordinary circumstances. The student must petition for permission to withdraw from the Committee on Academic Status. A student who wishes to withdraw after the ninth week should consult with a staff member in the Dean of Students Office to discuss the CAS petitioning process. The withdrawal counts as an attempted semester within the 10-semester rule if the petition is granted. Failure to be officially withdrawn will result in grades of failure recorded for all courses carried in that semester if the student stops attending classes.

Withdrawal between Semesters (Will Not Return) and Leaves of Absence

A student takes a leave of absence when he/she intends to return to W&M after one or two semesters away. A Will Not Return withdrawal is taken by a student when he/she does not intend to return to W&M. Both types of withdrawal require the completion of a withdrawal form prior to the first day of classes of a semester.

Medical Withdrawal

A student who is unable to complete the requirements for registered classes in a semester due to a documented medical situation may petition for a full withdrawal from the university. The Medical Review Subcommittee of the Committee on Academic Status reviews the student’s written request and the written recommendation of a physician and/or an appropriate healthcare professional. Students considering this type of withdrawal should consult with a staff member in Care Support Services. A full medical withdrawal is not counted in the 10-semester rule. A medical leave of absence applies for a withdrawal between terms.

Administrative Academic Withdrawal (Academic Suspension)

This withdrawal is the result of the student not meeting minimum probation/continuance standards of the university. The student is notified by the Dean of Students Office when he/she has been academically suspended by the Committee on Academic Status following the completion of the semester.

Transcript Notation and Future Registration

Students who complete the process to personally withdraw before the end of the ninth week of the semester or with the permission of the Committee on Academic Status (mid-semester withdrawal) will have their current registration noted on their transcript with a “W” beside each registered course. When a student has completed the process for a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal for the upcoming semester, the student will receive grades for the current semester with no notation on the transcript. A medical withdrawal from the university results in a transcript notation of “WM” beside each registered course for the withdrawal semester. In all forms of withdrawal, future registration and housing are canceled.

If the student has been academically suspended, he/she no longer is in “good standing” with the university and must complete specific requirements in order to be reinstated to good standing.

Taking Courses Away

Any student who intends to take coursework while withdrawn from William & Mary must have written permission in advance from the University Registrar to ensure that credit will be transferred. No retroactive transfer of such credit is permitted. Forms are available on the Registrar’s website. Students who have been academically suspended from the university are no longer in good standing and cannot transfer credits to William & Mary from their time away.


Re-enrollment after any type of withdrawal requires the submission of the Re-enrollment Application form no later than the deadlines posted on this website. Virginia students re-enrolling after a withdrawal must re-apply for domiciliary status and are subject to the same criteria as entering students.

Re-enrollment following a Full Medical Withdrawal is not automatic and involves a medical clearance procedure, which includes submission by the student of all necessary documentation addressing the behaviors or conditions which caused the original withdrawal. This process must begin by the deadlines posted on this website. Re-enrollment may be contingent upon additional restrictions or requirements for the student’s safety and success.

Re-enrollment after an academic suspension requires that the student first be reinstated to good standing by the Committee on Academic Status.

Upon re-enrollment, the student’s Social Class will be adjusted to reflect the period of absence from the university. Social class generally indicates the expected year of graduation assuming four years of full-time enrollment after high school graduation.

Financial Aid

If the student is receiving any type of financial aid and has questions about eligibility for future aid or any obligations for repayment, he/she should talk with a staff member of the Financial Aid Office in Blow Memorial Hall (757-221-2420).

Mail Box Keys

Students must return campus mail box keys and complete a mail forwarding card to the Postal Services Office before they leave campus. Failure to return the key will result in a replacement fee that will put a hold on transcripts until the fee is paid.

Residence Hall Housing

Email Residence Life at immediately after you submit your withdrawal request to the Dean of Students Office. Residence Life will then confirm that your withdrawal has been processed and that you have moved out of your residence hall. Residence Life will cancel your housing assignment(s), void your current contract(s), and remove the related housing fees from your student account.

It can take up to 10 business days after you have moved out, returned your housing key(s), and your withdrawal has been confirmed by the Dean of Students Office for any billing adjustments to be updated. 

Be advised that if removal of the student from the residence hall occurs as the result of university disciplinary action or administrative withdrawal, the student will not receive a refund of room rent and may be billed for the remainder of the contract.

Withdrawing students currently living in W&M campus housing are required to:

  • Move out within 48 hours from the date of the withdrawal unless otherwise approved by Residence Life
  • Remove all personal belongings from the university premises 
  • Return your room key(s) to the Residence Life office, located in Campus Center 212, during business hours or place the key(s) in an express check out envelope and place in the key drop box outside your residence hall duty office

Returning Students:

  • When students leave W&M, they are considered commuting students upon re-enrollment
  • If a student desires on-campus housing upon return, the student must submit a housing application via Residence Life's Housing Portal as soon as possible after re-enrollment
  • It may take up to 3 business days after re-enrollment to access the Housing Portal
  • On-campus housing is required for students with a social classification of Freshman or Sophomore and is not guaranteed for other social classes
  • WIthdrawn students are not eligible for the housing lottery unless they are approved for re-enrollment by the room selection housing contract deadline


Tuition and Fees

When students withdraw from the university they may be eligible for refunds of tuition and fees based upon published deadlines. Housing and meal plan refunds are pro-rated. Students who wish to receive a refund of monies on their Express account must fill out the appropriate form in the Tribe Card Services Office. Please contact the Bursar’s Office for any questions related to billing (757-221- 1217). Failure to address financial holds could result in inability to acquire transcripts.

Parking Permits

Students should return on-campus parking permits to the Parking Services office and may apply for a pro-rated refund.

A Withdrawal and Leave of Absence is not official until the Dean of Students Office has received and approved the Withdrawal & Leave of Absence Form.