Withdrawals from the University

Students who request a withdrawal from the university after the first day of classes must have an exit appointment with the Dean of Students Office. Student must complete the online withdrawal form below. 

Students who request a withdrawal from the university between semesters also must complete the online form below. 

If you are considering living on campus upon returning from a withdrawal, it is important that students follow all of the guidelines outlined for the on-campus housing process.  For more information and deadline information, please check with the Office of Residence Life.

Graduate students who wish to pursue a non-medical withdrawal or leave of absence should contact the appropriate resource in their school/program.

Withdrawal Information

Withdrawal Information for Honor or Conduct Reasons


Withdrawal and Leave of Absence: Undergraduate Students
Withdrawal Acknowledgement Form: If you are withdrawing mid-semester, you must complete this form along with your withdrawal form in order for your withdrawal to be processed.