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Student Employment Confidentiality Agreement

William & Mary has approved a confidentiality policy that affects student employees, interns, volunteers and the departments that employ them. The policy applies to all students who work on campus in any capacity (graduate or undergraduate, paid or unpaid). The Student Acknowledgement of Confidentiality in Working with Administrative Data form (PDF) must be completed and signed by students and their supervisors.

Procedures for Supervisors

1. Supervisors should review the acknowledgement form with all current students working in their office or department.
2. The acknowledgement form should be signed by each student. A copy of the signed acknowledgement should be given to the student, and the original should be retained in the supervisor's files.
3. The policy should be reviewed with all new student employees, volunteers and interns at the time of hire/orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does this policy apply to all students?

The policy applies to all students who may come in contact with administrative data while working on campus in any capacity, regardless of their status (graduate or undergraduate, paid or unpaid) or their supervisor (faculty, staff, administrator or grant staff). If there is a chance that they may be exposed to administrative data directly or indirectly, the acknowledgement form should be reviewed and signed.

Are students required to sign the form every year?

Signing the form at the time of hire is sufficient, but supervisors should review the policy with returning students at the beginning of each year to remind them of their responsibilities with regard to administrative data.

What do I do if my student employee needs direct access to the administrative system?

Direct access to William & Mary's administrative system (using Banner) is typically restricted to regular university employees. Exceptions will be granted for student employees only in extraordinary circumstances. Students whose duties require them to have direct access to Banner must also attend Banner Navigation Training and any necessary functional training before being granted access to the system. All information necessary to initiate a Banner Access request may be found at the IT website.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Contact information is available at the IT website.

Student Acknowledgement of Confidentiality in Working with Administrative Data Form