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Final Examination Schedule Adjustments

The Dean of Students Office assists students who are requesting to adjust their final examination schedule on the basis of extenuating circumstances. Supporting documentation must be provided with the request. Students should not assume a request is approved until they receive written approval. The final examination schedule can be found here

Students should request the Dean of Students Office to adjust their final examination based on:
  1. Medical circumstances (physical and psychological) verified by a healthcare professional
  2. International student travel complications without alternatives
  3. Family emergency, such as death of a close family member
  4. Conflict with a religious holiday/service
  5. Interview or training for a permanent job that cannot be rescheduled
  6. Interview for graduate or professional school
  7. Activities at which the student is formally representing William & Mary


Students should request the Dean of Undergraduate Studies to reschedule their final examination when:
  1. A student has three scheduled final examinations in four consecutive exam periods on consecutive days
  2. There is a conflict between a student's scheduled examinations
  3. A student wishes to take an examination with a different section of the same course
    Submit a Request to Reschedule a Final Examination     


*Requests made with the Dean of Undergraduate Studies in the Office of Academic Advising, (Swem 169, 757-221-2476) must be filed by the last day of classes.