Committee on Academic Status Petition

The Committee meets every-other Tuesday.  Completed petitions received by Friday at 5:00 p.m. will be heard the next Tuesday.  Any petitions not fully completed by the end of the semester in which the petition was filed will be archived. 

CAS Petition

Students making requests to the Committee on Academic Status (CAS) are asking for exceptions to College regulations. If the request is related to a physical or mental health condition, students should complete a Medical Review Committee petition instead. Petition approval is not automatic and is generally given only when circumstances are extraordinary. Students are required to continue attending their present class schedule until notified in writing of the Committee’s final decision. Students are expected to be knowledgeable about College policies and regulations as set forth in The College of William and Mary Undergraduate Course Catalog.

Students are encouraged to meet with a member of the Dean of Students staff if they have questions concerning academic policies, the exception being requested by this petition, or Committee on Academic Status procedures. Please call 757-221-2510 for an appointment.

Types of petitions

PETITION TO LATE-ADD or LATE-DROP: If a student wishes to add or drop a class after the add/drop deadline, the student must petition CAS. Petitions to drop classes are rarely approved except under circumstances beyond a student’s control.

PETITION TO WITHDRAW: A petition may be made requesting (1) a withdrawal from a class or (2) a withdrawal from all classes. Students wishing to withdraw from all classes should contact our office for an appointment.  Retroactive withdrawals refer to course withdrawals after the last day of classes or relating to a previous academic semester. The Committee is hesitant to make selective retroactive adjustments.  The Committee will not hear requests for adjustments to semesters that reach back further than one year.

PETITION TO OVERLOAD (to take more than 18 credit hours): 

  1. The student has a 3.0 cumulative grade point average at the end of the semester preceding the overload semester.
  2. The student earned a 3.0 grade point average for the regular semester immediately preceding the overload semester (summer sessions do not qualify).
  3. The student has earned less than a 3.0 average but needs the EXACT number of credits to graduate at the end of the overload semester, and is not currently on academic probation or below a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

 PETITION TO UNDERLOAD (to take fewer than 12 credit hours): Underload requests will normally be considered ONLY under one of the following conditions:

  1. There is a medical condition that specifically interferes with the student’s ability to succeed academically.
  2. The student has completed at least eight full-time regular college semesters, is not on probation, and the semester will be the student’s graduation semester.
  3. There is a personal hardship of such an extraordinary nature that an underload is absolutely necessary. The student will be asked to provide documentation whenever possible.

Important UNDERLOAD Information:

  • Full-time undergraduate candidates who are permitted underloads will receive a reduction in tuition (in proportion to the reduced load) if the underload is granted prior to the end of the Add/Drop deadline. No tuition refunds are granted after this date. However, all students are charged the standard student fee that supports fee-bearing facilities and services.
  • A student seeking an underload is responsible for determining if this will affect any insurance or financial aid by contacting his or her provider. Underloads are seen as part-time enrollment by most financial institutions. In most cases, your financial aid will be reduced by the amount of your tuition reduction.