William & Mary

Lynn Leong

Administrative Assistant for Community Values & Restorative Practices and Student Accessibility Services

Lynn has been working at the Dean of Students Office since September of 2016. She was brought here rather serendipitously through a temporary position that eventually culminated in a job as a full-time member of the Dean's staff.

What Lynn loves most about her job is being able to help students and parents. She really enjoys that she is able to help people solve their problems when they come to her with issues. Her day-to-day work finds her helping students manage sanctions and setting them up to succeed at W&M, as well as answering many questions about Student Accessibility Services and Community Values & Restorative Practices.

Fun Facts:
She is a big advocate for greyhound adoption, and has been doing so herself for 15 years.
Her favorite movie is JAWS and she once met Richard Dreyfuss.
April Palmer - featured in February - affectionately refers to Lynn as "Elmer", as she is the glue that holds the office together.