William & Mary

Chelsea Mullins

Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services

Chelsea began working in the Dean of Students Office in the Summer of 2016 as a Graduate Assistant. In Spring of 2017 she was hired as Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services.
She fell in love with the Dean of Students Office during her time as a Graduate Assistant because of how supportive the office is. It was there, she got to create strong relationships with students, got to know them and really be there for students.
Chelsea loves the fact that she has an important role in helping students with disabilities and gets to help students make a difference.
Chelsea is an advocate for students with disabilities and helps them with getting the accommodations they need, such as golf cart services, exams or housing accommodations.

Fun Facts:

She is a big fan of music. Chelsea can sing and play the guitar. She was also in a band in high school.
Chelsea is a dog lover and owns a miniature Yorkie named Hamlin.
She is certified in cake decorating and once made a wedding cake.