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William & Mary Students: Living, Studying, and Available to YOU in DC

Our Programs

The William & Mary Washington Office runs credit-bearing programs through the year that offer select W&M students an opportunity to combine intensive classroom study about a specific topic with related hands-on work at one of DC’s many institutions.

Our programs give employers the benefit of hiring hard working, high achieving interns with W&M administrators as a contact throughout the internship.

Our interns are available throughout the year:

  • Spring: January – April
  • Summer: June – August
  • Fall: August – November

The Benefit to Employers
  • Students are admitted to our programs through a rigorous application and interview process. They are some of the best students William & Mary has to offer.
  • Whether paid or unpaid, our students are available 30-40 hours a week to work as a part of your staff.
  • Students are in DC to study a specific topic that relates to your organization. They are likely to settle in DC and enter your field upon graduation – giving you the first shot at hiring some of the nation’s best and brightest.
  • W&M administrators work to ensure that you and your intern have a mutually beneficial experience. Our staff will meet with you before, during and after the semester to discuss and evaluate the student and his/her internship experience.

Upcoming Semester/Summer Themes

If you are interested in hiring an intern – now or in the future – please take a look at our upcoming themes to see if there is a fit for your organization.

  • “The 2012 Election: Parties, Campaigns, Consultants, and Elections”Spring 2012
  • Community Engagement Institute - Summer 2012
  • National Security Institute - Summer 2012
  • New Media Institute - Summer 2012
  • “The Ethics of Sustainability”Fall 2012
  • “Interdisciplinary Art in Washington: The Promise for a New National Arts Policy”Spring 2013
  • Community Engagement Institute - Planned for Summer 2013
  • National Security Institute - Planned for Summer 2013
  • New Media Institute - Planned for Summer 2013
  • "The International Economy and Deepening Globalization in the 21st Century" - Fall 2013
  • "US Foreign Relations -- Then and Now" - Spring 2014
  • Community Engagement Institute - Planned for Summer 2014
  • National Security Institute - Planned for Summer 2014
  • New Media Institute - Planned for Summer 2014
  • "International Development -- Poverty, Policy, and Change" - Fall 2014

Submit an Internship Opportunity

If you are interested in hiring an intern - now or in the future - please complete our Internship Opportunity Form. Or, you may contact Program Director Roxane Adler Hickey directly by [[roadle, email]] or at 202-939-4001.

Learn more about our Programs

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