Videoconferencing in DC

Washington and Williamsburg are closer than you think!

Do you want to:

  • Beam a panel of speakers in to meet with your students
  • Bring DC area alums to your group on campus
  • Collaborate with a colleague who can't travel to Williamsburg

The Washington Center has four technolgies to help you.

1.  Polycom VSX 7000e:  Show high-res images, movies or presentations in your meetings while also sharing video. And, you can share PC content cable-free using Polycom's unique People+ContentTM IP technology. The dual monitor option allows you to show people on one display and shared content on the other display or use dual monitor emulation for single display solutions.


2.  Cisco TelePresence C20:  Donated by John Boyd '85, our system "offers high-quality HD 1080p video for small teams and those just starting out with video conferencing. Ease of installation and management makes it quick to deploy, and the intuitive interface makes it easy to use."  Must be paired with a videoconference system on campus or other site.  

Cisco C20

3.  SeeVogh / Viewme:  "Virtual meeting space that supports multiple users and screen sharing in a higher-quality format than Skype or Google Hangout. Multiple types of meeting rooms available, including Round Table, Classroom, Plenary Session and Webinar style. Sessions can be recorded and referenced through Blackboard and webpages. SeeVogh can connect with standards-based videoconferencing systems."  Must be paired with another user who has downloaded SeeVogh on to their desktop.  


4. Zoom Video ConferencingZoom is a cloud-based conferencing solution that provides both video and audio conferencing, mobile collaboration, screen sharing capabilities and online meetings.

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