How to Apply

2021 DC Winter Seminars Applications Open August 21, 2020!
  • Applications close Monday, September 28, 2020 at 11:59pm!
  • Apply Here!
Application Deadline

2021 DC Winter Seminars Application Deadline: Monday, September 28, 2020 at 11:59pm.

The Online Application Process:
  • Creating a profile and completing a personal information section.
  • Submitting a max. 60 second casual video to introduce yourself to the DC Winter Seminars Selection Committee (Please note, all videos are confidential and for the DC Winter Seminars Selection Committee Only).
  • Writing a personal statement addressing the question: Why is the DC Winter Seminars suited for your course of study or personal interests and how do you hope to benefit from it?

The DC Winter Seminars are open to current seniors, juniors, exceptional sophomores, December graduates, and graduate students in all majors and disciplines!

Winter Seminar 2021 will run January 5-13.

First Year Students

Unfortunately, first year students cannot apply during the fall application period, however first year students are welcome to apply during the spring application period to complete the opportunity in their sophomore year.

Application and Decisions

To be considered, students submit an online application. An admissions committee composed of professors and administrators will select students based on a variety of factors. The most successful candidates will have:

  • Distinguished themselves with a strong academic record
  • Provided quality responses in their application, including the personal statement
  • Demonstrated their interest in the DC Winter Seminars as complementing their studies and/or career goals
ADA Accommodations

All prospective and current students with disabilities have the right to request accommodations from Student Accessibility Services when applying for and/or participating in Study in DC opportunities.

Application and Interview Resources

Be sure to utilize the Cohen Career Center for assistance in creating and revising application materials, as well as preparing for a potential interview.

Overload/Late Add

Please note, DC Winter Seminars will fall on students' fall transcripts.  Students over 18 credits (including the 3 DC Winter Seminars credits) for fall semester will need to petition for an overload/late add through the Committee on Academic Status (CAS).  Students MUST submit their petition by TBD for Winter Seminars 2020.  Students may only petition CAS once admitted to DC Winter Seminars.