American Politics: A Government for the People?

Taught by Professor Dan Doherty

  • 3 credit hours

DC Winter Seminars welcomes back Professor Dan Doherty to lead the 2019 American Politics Seminar! 

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Whom does our government serve? The citizens? The economic and political elites? The political extremes? The connected? The squeaky wheels? We will first read from those who present theoretical and/or empirical arguments that address our guiding question. Then we will hear from three groups. The first will be those in government, from the executive and legislative branches; they will likely all claim that they are serving the people and your task will be to cross-examine them and their claims. The second group we will hear from is those outside of government who lobby the government to serve the interests of their clients; you will try to coax moments of honesty from them. The last group will be those watching government who believe the citizen-government link is fractured and who propose various remedies; you will scrutinize their proposals.