For Current W&M students

DC Summer Session is an excellent opportunity for W&M students to complete the COLL 300 requirement through blended courses that combine instruction from a W&M professor incorporating fieldwork, site visits, and guest speakers, using Washington's vibrant urban policy resources to build on classroom and eLearning discussions. The flexibility allows students to take the online classwork from anywhere!

For newly-admitted W&M undergraduates

You can get a head-start on earning college credit, meeting future classmates and professors, and acclimating to university classwork before facing your first full courseload in the fall.

For visiting Students (from other colleges and universities)

You can earn transfer credit, taking advantage of public university tuition rates at one of the few state universities with courses in the DC area. 

For W&M Alumni

You can connect with favorite former professors, taking courses you missed out on as an undergraduate and enhancing your transcript for graduate school admission.

For summer 2020, courses will be offered in a fully online format.