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Courageous Leadership

The W&M Washington Center is pleased to welcome back Professor Drew Stelljes, Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement & Leadership. 

  • 3 credits
  • PUBP 390 CRN: 32152

We need brave leaders and courageous cultures. Trust in one another and in key institutions — the media, government, and the courts — are at historic lows. It is no surprise that communities are divided in places like Charlottesville, Ferguson and Chicago. In this class, we will explore living into our values, developing trust and shared purpose and choosing courage in leading. We will analyze leaders, decisions and leadership. We will relinquish judgment in favor of deep and active listening while searching for a more sophisticated understanding of effective leadership. Empathy, courage, and connection will be our guide. 


{{youtube:medium:center|AnJyGaMILe8, Hear Professor Stelljes discuss his wonderful D.C. Summer Session 2022 course}}