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Digital Fluency: Policy & Praxis

The W&M Washington Center is pleased to welcome Professor Adam Barger to teach "Digital Fluency: Policy & Praxis

  • 3 credits

Digital Fluency: Policy and Praxis explores living and learning in the digital age through consideration of internet law, digital technology advocacy, digital sociology, and networked learning. Reaching beyond basic digital literacy, digital fluency indicates an informed and empowered perspective of the digital world and how best to thrive in it. This course focuses on understanding the policies and practical implementation of digital citizenship.

Our guiding questions include:

  1. What is our place in the digital world? How do we thrive while balancing our digital and analog selves?
  2. What aspects of digital and internet law or policy influence our lives and work?
  3. How does societal inequity and the digital divide influence our culture in the digital age?
  4. How do we navigate the current and emerging digital world to live, learn, and work in a society inseparable from digital dangers such as misinformation, hyperbole, and division?