News & Media Institute

Taught by Professor Tim Barnard

News & Media in the "New Media Age", A DC Case Study

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Are you considering a career in journalism, public policy or government, political or social activism, the production of creative media content, or the field of education?  If so, you should consider applying for the 2018 W&M DC News & Media Summer Institute (DCNMSI).   Under theme: “News & Media in the ‘New Media Age,’ A DC Case Study,” the 2018 DCNMSI will develop your critical awareness of how media shape the world you live in today and provide you with invaluable insights and practical experience while studying and working as part of the world of media production and management in our nation’s capital. As a 2018 DCNMSI Fellow, you will have a unique opportunity to prepare for your future as both a professional and a responsible, engaged individual with an informed and empowered relationship with the range of media of our times.          

In keeping with William & Mary’s commitment to hands-on experiential learning as a crucial component of a liberal arts education for the 21st century, the DCNMSI uses Washington, DC and the exceptional resources and support network of W&M’s Washington Center located in the heart of the city.  As such, the DCNMSI transforms our nation’s capital into a living, real time, media studies classroom and an accessible working environment. 

After the selection of the 2018 fellows, preparation for the summer Institute begins with a 1-credit course scheduled over the last weeks of the Spring semester.  Once on sight in DC, the Institute starts with an intensive two-week course consisting of seminar discussions, media analysis and production exercises, guest speakers, and a range of site visits throughout the city; All of this prepares you for a media-related internship relevant to your professional interest that you will complete over the remainder of the summer.

Some of the questions that will animate the 2019 DCNMSI:
  • How do we construct and/or receive our understanding of media? 
  • What stories do we tell about what “the media” is, how it affects us, how we should use it, manage it, resist it, and/or avoid it?
  • What is the relationship between “new” media and “the media”?
  • How are you and your generation uniquely positioned to take on the role of effective, socially responsible professionals and engaged citizens in the midst of the twitter presidency and the “post-truth” age of “fake news”? 
  • What does it mean to live, work, and function as an engaged, informed, and responsible citizen in and of the “New Media Age”? 
  • What are the best practices for gathering, interpreting, analyzing, and understanding news and the world? 
  • How do mediums of communication use us and how should we use them--personally, professionally, and as responsible members of civic society?
  • What roles do media play in your life today? How will you use and manage media, both “old” and “new,” in your careers in politics and government, as journalists, business professionals, producers of creative content, educators, or social activists?