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Credits and Courses


Course titles and descriptions are subject to change. Below are the class descriptions for the 2019 News & Media Institute:

News and New Media - FMST 351 (1 credit)

The 2019 W&M DC News & Media Summer Institute's combination of course study and summer internship will require each of its fellows to contemplate-- and generate substantive personal answers to-- the following question:

How can I better understand the dynamics of ostensibly old and new media forms as a means of better navigating the accelerating and expanding flows of information and communication that will continue to shape my life and the foreseeable future of the world?

In this one-credit pre-program course we will begin to explore that question through an introductory look at some old and new media studies scholarship and an examination of narrative fiction and documentary films (an older and formerly "new" medium) that tell stories about old and new media and journalism.

Issues in New Media - FMST 351 (3 credit)

This course explores the production, distribution, and receptions of news and media in the “New Media” age using Washington, DC as a case study. Students meet with a variety of contemporary media "brokers," visit sites of media production and management, and generate their own personal "best media practices" portfolios while also developing their critical awareness of how media shape the world they live in today. The course provides invaluable insights and practical experience while studying and preparing to work as part of the world of media production and management in our nation’s capital. 

Washington Program Internship - FMST 498 (3 credits)

In an internship tailored to individual interests, each student will have the opportunity to act as a “cultural agent”—helping foster creativity, disseminate information, and promote new media. Potential host sites include: American Film Institute, National Geographic, Discovery Communications, C-SPAN, The Washingtonian, National Endowment for the Arts, White House Photo Archive, and a series of film festivals, museums and other cultural agencies. 

*Please note that the 1-credit course will meet during the Spring Semester

All courses will be taught by Professor Tim Barnard.