Credits and Courses

PUBP 391: Theory and Application (1 credit)

This 1-credit course will introduce you to leadership theory as a grounding for intensive leadership and community engagement coursework based in DC.  We will survey leadership scholarship while familiarizing ourselves with the current and ever-changing array of public policy and non-profit organizations in and around Washington DC. 

PUBP 491: Leadership in DC Non-Profits (3 credits)

This course explores the Washington, DC area non-profit sector as influenced by contemporary and historical principles and philosophies. Current issues discussed include (a) organization, structure, and funding in the non-profit sector; (b) characteristics of leaders in community engagement; (c) community engagement theory; (d) the relationship between the non-profit sector and poverty; (e) community engagement for social change; and (f) the impact of modern social movements on the non-profit sector. 

PUBP 498: Applying Leadership Theory to Practice: Internship in DC (3 credits)

This course will expose students to a variety of DC area non-profit organizations (both domestically and internationally focused) and different approaches to leading a non-profit. Through lectures, discussions, debates, readings, and writing assignments, students will develop a deeper perspective from which to interpret, question, reflect upon, and engage with the underlying issues within engaged community leadership.

*Please note that the 1-credit course will meet during the Spring Semester

All courses will be taught by the Director of Community Engagement Drew Stelljes.