How to Apply


Application Deadline

Applications for Spring Break Seminars 2019 open in September 2018!


Law and Politics: None

Public Health: None

The Online Application Process:
  • You will be required to create a profile and to complete a personal information section.
  •  Videos are confidential for the DC Spring Break Seminars selection committee only, and deleted after our use.
  • A personal statement addressing why you wish to participate in the Seminars.
  • A short answer question addressing what specific policy questions and/or organizations in which you have interest.
Application and Decisions
To be considered, students submit an online application. An admissions committee composed of professors and administrators will select students based on a variety of factors. The most successful candidates will have:
  • Distinguished themselves with a strong academic record
  • Provided quality responses in the application, including the personal statement, and during an in-person interview
  • Demonstrated their interest in the DC Spring Break Seminars as complementing their studies and/or career goals
ADA Accommodations

All prospective and current students with disabilities have the right to request accommodations from Student Accessibility Services when applying for and/or participating in Study in DC opportunities.

Please contact Program Coordinator [[mkharris, Molly Harris]] with any questions.