The DC Spring Break Seminars are open to all current W&M undergraduate students in all majors and disciplines!

Successful candidates for the Spring Break Seminars will use the application and video statement to demonstrate clearly how the course aligns with their previous experience/interests and how it fits into their broader career plans.

The most successful candidates will be able to say …I’ve done X and Y in the past and I hope to use this course to help me do Z in the future.

Less experienced but successful candidates will be able to say…I don’t have much experience yet, but my goal is to do X in the future and I believe this course can help me get there.

There is no minimum GPA, but we’re looking for strong students who are comfortable engaging with older adults in a variety of settings – or who are not comfortable and want to learn how.

Relevant experience can include any or all of the following:
• Major/minors
• Previous coursework
• Internships
• Clubs/volunteer work


Law and Politics: None

Public Health: None

Application and Decisions
To be considered, students submit an online application. An admissions committee composed of professors and administrators will select students based on a variety of factors. The most successful candidates will have:
  • Distinguished themselves with a strong academic record
  • Provided quality responses in the application, including the personal statement, and during an in-person interview
  • Demonstrated their interest in the DC Spring Break Seminar as complementing their studies and/or career goals

Please contact Program Coordinator [[mkharris, Molly Harris]] with any questions.