Program Themes

Current Theme
Fall 2018

Program Professor: William Fisher
Department: Anthropology
Theme/Course Description: "Citizenship, Public Interests, and Democracy" (pdf)

Upcoming Themes
Spring 2019

Program Professor: Anne Rasmussen
Department: Music
Theme: "Washington and the Arts: Marketing the Global and the Local" (pdf)

Fall 2019

Program Professor: Don Rahtz
Department: Global Business & Marketing
Theme: "International Commercial Diplomacy" (pdf)

Spring 2020

Program Professor: Elizabeth Mead
Department: Art & Art History
Theme: "Public Art and Public Policy" (pdf)

Fall 2020

Program Professor: Jaime Settle
Department: Government
Theme: "Politics in the Era of Social Media" (pdf)

Spring 2021

Program Professors: Sarah Stafford and Greg Hancock
Department: Public Policy
Theme: "US Environmental Policy" (pdf)

Fall 2021

Program Professor: Jennifer Kahn
Department: Anthropology
Theme: "Museums and Cultural Heritage in the Nation's Capital" (pdf)

Spring 2022

Program Professor: Frederick Corney
Department: History
Theme/Course Description: "Cold War Spies and Other Myths: The Development of Postwar American Culture" (pdf)

Fall 2022

Program Professor: Dan Maliniak
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "U.S. Foreign Economic Policy" (pdf)

Spring 2023

Program Professor: Elizabeth Losh
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Digital Politics" (pdf)