Past Themes

Spring 2018

Program Professor: Heather Macdonald
Department: Geology
Theme/Course Description: "Environmental Action in DC and the World" (pdf)

Fall 2017

Program Professor: John Gilmour
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "National Defense Politics and Budgeting" (pdf)

Spring 2017

Program Professor: Christine Nemacheck
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Judicial Politics: Law & Politics in the Nation's Capital" (pdf)

Fall 2016

Program Professor: Chitralekha Zutshi
Department: History
Theme/Course Description: "Nation Building and Conflict Resolution in Asia" (pdf)

Spring 2016

Program Professor: Ron Rapoport
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "The 2016 Election: Parties, Campaigns, Consultants, and Voters" (pdf)

Fall 2015

Program Professors: Heather Macdonald and Suzanne Raitt
Department: Geology and English, respectively
Theme/Course Description: "Working for Change: The History and Politics of Social Movements" (pdf)

Spring 2015

Program Professor: Jaime Settle
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Politics in the Era of Social Media" (pdf)

Fall 2014

Program Professor: T.J. Cheng
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Political Economy of Development - Model, Policy, and Change" (pdf)

Spring 2014

Program Professor: Hiroshi Kitamura
Department: History
Theme/Course Description: "US Foreign Relations -- Then and Now" (pdf)

Fall 2013

Program Professor: Berhanu Abegaz
Department: Economics
Theme/Course Description: "The International Economy and Deepening Globalization in the 21st Century" (pdf)

Spring 2013

Program Professor: Greg Bowers
Department: Music
Theme/Course Description: "Interdisciplinary Art in Washington: The Promise for a New National Arts Policy" (pdf)

Fall 2012

Program Professor: Mark Fowler
Department: Environmental Science and Policy
 Theme/Course Description: "The Ethics of Sustainability" (pdf)

Spring 2012

Program Professor: Ron Rapoport
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "The 2012 Election: Parties, Campaigns, Consultants and Elections" (pdf)

Fall 2011

Program Professor: Alan Wallach
Department: American Studies Program
Theme/Course Description: "The Future of Art in Modern Culture" (pdf)

Spring 2011

Program Professor: Dan Doherty
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Media as the Fourth Branch of Government" (pdf)

Fall 2010

Program Professor: Ann Marie Stock
Department: Modern Language and Literatures
Theme/Course Description: "New Media and Culture in the Nation's Capital" (pdf)

Spring 2010

Program Professor: T.J. Cheng
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "International Politics in Economic Hard Times" (pdf)

Spring 2009

Program Professor: Bruce Campbell
Department: Modern Languages and Literature
Theme/Course Description: "War, Memory and the Holocaust" (pdf)

Fall 2008

Program Professor: Paula Pickering
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Post-Conflict State Building" (pdf)

Spring 2008

Program Professor: Amy Oakes
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "U.S. National Security in the Twenty-First Century" (pdf)

Fall 2007

Program Professor: Marc Lee Raphael
Department: Religious Studies
Theme/Course Description: "Religion and the Federal State" (pdf)

Spring 2007

Program Professor: Anne Rasmussen
Department: Music
Theme/Course Description: "Washington and the Arts: The Intersection of the Global and the Local" (pdf)

Fall 2006

Program Professor: Chris Nemacheck
Department: Government
Theme/Course Description: "Courting Politics, Politicking the Courts: The Intersections Between Law and Politics" (pdf)