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Tuition & Fees

Program Costs

See a detailed breakdown of costs.  Students pay their regular on-campus tuition and fees, plus an additional program fee of $750. This fee covers costs for programming, events, and internship support for the time students are in Washington.

Housing Costs

A double room in the apartments costs $6,000 and a single room in the apartments costs $8,000. There is no security deposit or housing application fee.

Required On-Campus Fees

Like W&M study abroad programs, the D.C. Semester Program will not grant a waiver for student fees. These fees are devoted to supporting institutions, services and activities on campus that will continue to operate throughout the school year. It would be disastrous for these programs to suffer cyclical budget swings depending on the number of students on or off campus in any given semester.

Financial Aid

Students currently receiving financial aid will likely be able to apply most or all of it to the costs of the D.C. Semester Program.

Financing Study Away Programs & Financial Aid Information

Additional Student Spending in D.C.

The average cost per student will vary; however, most students report spending between $50-$100 per week on "groceries and other personal expenses."  In addition, students who travel to/from Williamsburg will spend about $100 on a roundtrip ticket to/from Williamsburg each visit.

Veterans Education Benefits

Students planning to use veterans education benefits (GI Bill®) should be aware that the Department of Veterans Services has determined that courses at William & Mary's D.C. campus are ineligible.