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Students work in internships at organizations whose missions sync with the semester's topic. The goal is to integrate students into the day to day operations of the organization and to help them leave at the end of the semester with tangible work products.

Finding an Internship

The DC Semester Program staff work with the students selected for the Program to find and secure internships that both sync with the semester topic and meet the student's academic and career interests.

The DC Semester Program Manager maintains a list of internships available exclusively to Program scholars.  You will access these through TribeCareers.  Here are other helpful internship application links:

Getting Paid

Although paid internships aren't very common in Washington, students can be compensated for their work.

Internship Supervision

The DC Semester Program administrators work with each student's workplace supervisor to ensure a successful and productive experience for the student and the employer.

Grades & Credits

The Program administrators collaborate with students' internship supervisors to assemble a detailed evaluation of the students' work experiences for the semester. Each semester professor creates their own graded assignments, so while the actual coursework varies, students may be asked to write papers, keep journals, and/or complete class presentations reflecting on their internship experiences. The professor takes all of these components into account when he/she assigns final grades.

No matter at what internship students work, everyone enrolls in INTR 499 for 6 credits—this is the "Washington Program Internship" course and it is pass/fail.

However, students seeking departmental credit for the internship course instead, may request approval from the given department chair and then attain final confirmation with the Registrar.  In this case, students may earn an actual grade for the internship and thus have it count toward any departmental requirements.

Application and Interview Resources

Be sure to utilize the Cohen Career Center for assistance in creating and revising application materials, as well as preparing for a potential interview.

Other Resources