Past Internships

Fall 2018 - "Citizenship, Public Interests, and Democracy"

Public Defender Service
Supreme Court
Autism Speaks
Public Citizen
Lawyers Without Borders
United Nations Development Programme

Spring 2018 - "Environmental Action in DC and the World"

Environmental Protection Agency
NOAA Office of Marine Sanctuaries
Environment America
Department of Justice ENRD
World Resources Institute
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Institute for Policy Studies

Fall 2017 - "National Defense Politics and Budgeting"
The Brookings Institution
American Security Project
Center for New American Security
Department of State
College of International Security Affairs
Spring 2017 - "Judicial Politics: Law & Politics in the Nation's Capital"
Department of Justice

Public Defender Service
McAllister & Quinn
Federal Judicial Center
The Public International Law & Policy Group

Fall 2016 - "Nation-Building and Conflict-Resolution in Asia"

State Department
Refugees International
US-ASEAN Business Council
Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Hudson Institute

Spring 2016 - "The 2016 Election: Parties, Campaigns, Consultants, and Voters"

Democratic National Committee
National Republican Senatorial Committee
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Center for Responsive Politics
Democratic Governor's Association

Fall 2015 - "Working for Change: The History and Politics of Social Media"

Center for American Progress
Department of Education
Coalition on Human Needs
Department of Justice - Environmental and Natural Resources Division
The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Spring 2015 - "Politics in the Era of Social Media"

National Public Radio
Glover Park Group
Public Religion Research Institute
Lake Research Partners
APCO Worldwide

Fall 2014 - "Political Economy of Development: Model, Policy, and Change"

United Nations Foundation
Washington Office on Latin America
IOS Partners
Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Spring 2014 - "US Foreign Relations - Then and Now"

Diplomatic Courier
The Asia Foundation
American Security Project
Deparment of Homeland Security
Stimson Center

Fall 2013 - "The International Economy and Deepening Globalization in the 21st Century"

White House Council of Economic Advisors
Atlas Foundation
The Brookings Institution
Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Cato Institute

Spring 2013 - "International Art in Washington: The Promise for a New National Arts Policy"

National Endowment for the Arts
Pink Line Project
Latin American Youth Center
Washington National Opera
Americans for the Arts 

Fall 2012 - "The Ethics of Sustainability"

Appalachian Voices
Center for American Progress
Downtown DC BID
The Jane Goodall Institute
The Department of the Interior, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Services

Spring 2012 - "The 2012 Election: Parties, Campaigns, Consultants and Elections"

The Brookings Institution
Freedom Works
Center for American Progress
The Hill

Fall 2011 - "The Future of Art in Modern Culture"

Arena Stage
National Portrait Gallery
Tudor Place
The Corcoran
National Museum of Women in the Arts

Spring 2011 - "Media as the Fourth Branch of Government"

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
The Department of the Interior
The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
The Hill

Fall 2010 - "New Media and Culture in the Nation's Capital"

Arena Stage
National Endowment for the Arts
NBC News
The Washingtonian

Spring 2010 - "International Politics in Economic Hard Times"

The White House
U.S. Department of Commerce
American Enterprise Institute
U.S. International Trade Commission

Spring 2009 - "War, Memory, and the Holocaust"

Amnesty International
State Department: Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
U.S. Department of Justice: Office of Special Investigations
White House Commission on Remembrance

Fall 2008 - "Post-Conflict State Building"

Asia Foundation
CSIS: Global Strategy Institute
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
State Department: Office of Reconstruction and Stabilization

Spring 2008 - "U.S. National Security in the Twenty-First Century"

The Brookings Institution
The Senate Judiciary Committee
Transportation Security Administration
Women's Foreign Policy Group

Fall 2007 - "Religion and the Federal State"

The Heritage Foundation
Inter-Faith Conference
The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Spring 2007 - "Washington and the Arts: The Intersection of the Global and the Local"

Center for American Progress
National Gallery of Art
National Geographic

Fall 2007 - "Courting Politics, Politicking the Courts: The Intersection Between Law and Politics"

American Bar Association
Joint Economic Committee
Office of Senator Biden
Perkins Coie