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Seniors, juniors, and exceptional sophomores from William & Mary or any accredited four-year institution may apply for the D.C. Semester Program. There is no minimum GPA needed to apply, but GPA is considered in admission to the Program.

All Majors & Disciplines Welcome

The D.C. Semester Program is open to students in all majors and disciplines. In fact, courses are designed to reach the largest number of student interests.

Admission Requirements

To be considered, students submit an online application and 1 letter of recommendation. In addition to a strong academic record and relevant experience, students must distinguish themselves in a video interview with program administrators. A selections committee will choose finalists for interviews based on a variety of factors, including academic and extracurricular achievement, strength of the letter of recommendation, passion for the semester topic and theme, and the quality of the responses in the application. 

Academic Probation, Suspension, Medical Withdrawal or Underload

Students on academic probation during the time they are abroad are not eligible to participate in Study in D.C. opportunities. If you are on academic probation or on a medical withdrawal or underload, you must receive approval from the Dean of Students in order to participate in Study in D.C. opportunities.

Students who are on Disciplinary Probation or Deferred Suspension status are ineligible to participate in Study in D.C. opportunities during their first full semester in such status. If a sanction endures beyond one full semester (15 academic weeks), the student may petition the Director of Community Values & Restorative Practices for an exception. The Director, or designee, will make the final decision in consultation with Washington Center staff, and that decision will be final and is not appealable.

If you do not get approval, you may NOT participate in Study in D.C. opportunities. Students are required to report to the Washington Center any changes in academic or judicial status, even after acceptance into a program, which may affect their eligibility to participate in their accepted program, even if such a change results in a financial loss.


There is no limit to the number of times a student can apply for the D.C. Semester Program. If you are not not accepted into the Program for one semester, you may apply for the next semester.