How to Apply

Fall 2020 Semester

The theme for the Fall 2020 Semester is "Politics in the Era of Social Media," taught by Professor Jaime Settle of the Government Department.

Supreme Court Visit

Seniors, juniors, and exceptional sophomores from William & Mary or any accredited four-year institution may apply for the DC Semester Program.

Three-Part Application Process
  1. The Online Application: You will be required to create a profile and to complete a personal information section, a personal statement addressing the question: "Why is the DC Semester Program is suited for your course of study or personal interests and how do you hope to benefit from it?," and a list of potential internships in Washington, DC to which you would consider applying if you are accepted to the program. These internships should sync with the academic topic of the semester. 
  2. One - Two Online Letters of Recommendation: Within the online application, you will be asked to enter names and email addresses for your references.  After inputting the recommender's information, you must click the "INVITE RECOMMENDERS" button. A link will then be sent to each recommender to upload their letter online (You can submit recommendation requests before submitting your overall application).  The strongest letters will include a brief testimony from professors who know your academic skills, as well as qualities such as responsibility, analytic ability, leadership, maturity and your ability to work well with others.
    • If you are a W&M student, one recommendation must come from a W&M professor. A second recommendation is optional and may come from an employer or university administrator.
  3. Video Interview: If you are selected to move forward in the application process, you will be asked to sign up for a 30 minute interview time slot with the DC Semester Program Manager.

Please note that all of your application materials, including recommendations, must be submitted by the deadline for your application to be complete. Your recommenders will NOT receive the link to complete your recommendation until you have submitted the request.

ADA Accommodations

All prospective and current students with disabilities have the right to request accommodations from Student Accessibility Services when applying for and/or participating in Study in DC opportunities.

Application and Interview Resources
Be sure to utilize the Cohen Career Center for assistance in creating and revising application materials, as well as preparing for a potential interview
  • Contact Program Manager [[rrtucker, Rhys Tucker]].
  • Connect with a student who has already participated in our Program: Program Ambassadors

Note: If you are a non-W&M student, and you are interested in the DC Semester Program please contact [[rrtucker, Rhys Tucker]] for more details.