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Looking to Hire a World-Class Intern?

DC Semester Program students are available to intern every fall and spring semester!

DC Semester Program students reside in DC each Fall and Spring semester and are available to intern 30-35 hours per week for 4 months. Our highly motivated and hard-working students are here to study a specific study a specific theme and are looking for internships that match the semester topic. Since our theme changes every semester, we have an ongoing need to create contacts with many different types of organizations.

Our Program gives employers the added benefit of having a W&M administrator available as a contact throughout the semester. The Program Administrators work closely with all internship supervisors to help the employer and student have a mutually beneficial experience.

Benefits to Employers:
  • The Program students are already here to study a specific topic that relates to your organization and have been screened through our intense application/interview process.
  • The Program students are hard-working, high-achieving and eager to synthesize their learning with your organization's mission.
  • Whether paid or unpaid, our student interns are available to work nearly full-time as part of your staff.
  • The Program students are likely to settle in Washington and enter your field upon graduation - providing you with the first shot at hiring some of the nation's best and brightest.
  • The Program staff will meet with you before the intern starts to discuss the semester and will return to complete a mid-semester and final evaluation of the intern.

View a printable version summarizing DC Semester Program and the benefits for employers (pdf).

How the Program WorksShannon Beydler at the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

A William & Mary professor teaches two courses that are specifically designed for the DC Semester Program theme. These classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Friday mornings. Students then spend 30-35 hours per week, Monday-Thursday and potentially Friday afternoons, at their internship site. Students receive 6-8 credits for their course work and an additional 6 credits for the academic work they complete in association with their internship.

Upcoming Themes and Courses

If you are interested in hiring an intern - now or in the future -- please take a look at our upcoming themes and course listings, as well as semester calendars.

We are looking for internship opportunities that match the following upcoming themes:

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