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Gelman Library, George Washington UniversityStudents at Gelman

A new agreement between GW and W&M in Washington allows all Program participants access to Gelman Library.

The Melvin Gelman Library

The George Washington University
2130 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052

  • The library is located at 2130 H Street, NW; Washington, DC 20052. The building is on the corner of 22nd and H streets.
  • W&M in Washington students have access to the library and will be able to do research and study in the library
  • An Orientation to the library will take place
  • W&M in Washington students do NOT have borrowing privileges, however, and should take advantage of W&M ILL
Reference Information

ALADIN and Research Questions, Book and Journal Search, General Library Information

Access Desk

Lost and Found, Building Hours, Entrance Privileges

Interlibrary Loan from W&M

To make requests for Interlibrary Loan materials OR Swem Library materials:

  1. Log into your ILLiad account
  2. Fill out the appropriate form. i.e. book request, photocopy request, etc.
  3. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Please indicate in the "Notes" field of each request that you are a student in the W&M DC Office. Without this information, requests for Swem materials will be cancelled and requests for ILL materials will sit at Swem for pick up! If this ever happens, email the ILL office at [[sweill]] (for ILL materials awaiting pick up) or resubmit the cancelled request with your location note.
  4. Articles will be scanned and posted to the ILLiad server. Electronic access to the pdfs will be via your ILLiad account.
  5. Swem books will be checked out to a special ILL account, not to your individual student account. Swem books will be checked out to the student for 2 months. Due dates for ILL books are determined by the lending library.
  6. NO microfilm, microfiche, videos or non-circulating items will be sent to the Washington, DC Office.
  7. UPS will deliver the books to the DC Office. The ILL Office will address each package with the student's name. Requests sent for multiple students will be shipped separately.
  8. All books will arrive at the DC Office with an identifying book strap around the front cover. Do not remove this book strap.
  9. The DC Office will notify you by email once your materials arrive.
  10. The DC Office will maintain a materials log, keeping track of the items' locations and due dates that you will sign when you pick up your requests. It is up to you to return books to the DC Office 1 WEEK PRIOR TO DUE DATE and agree to cover late fees or damages.
  11. The W&M DC Office will return all materials, both ILL and Swem, via UPS, to the ILL Office, Attn. Cathy Reed.
Other Libraries in the Area
Local University Libraries:
General Collections:
  • The Library of Congress, one of the world's most impressive libraries, has substantial collections on all topics. Though it is closed stack, and you must wait for a librarian to retrieve your book, it is a wonderful resource that is offered to W&M in Washington students.
  • The National Archives house collections from throughout America's history, including census records and Congressional Committee deliberations. It can be accessed by Metro.
Public Libraries: