Health & Wellness

We want to make sure you have all the resources you need to have a happy and healthy Study in DC experience. Please let us know how we can help! We're here for you.


The W&M Washington Center partners with the Georgtown University Student Health Center (SHC) for any medical needs you may have during your time in DC. If you need to see a doctor, you're welcome to use the SHC, just as you would the W&M campus Health Center. You are not required to use the SHC, but it is available to you as a resource. 

Mental Health Services

If you would like to utilize local counseling services, the W&M Washington Center maintains an agreement with Parkhurst Associates Mental Health Services to provide students with basic psycho-social assessment, counseling, and referral services. Resources provided by the William & Mary on-campus Counseling Center are also
available to you should you wish to speak to a counselor over the phone.


We know how important it is to stay physically fit. Taking advantage of competitive gym rates, ample running and hiking trails, and kayaking on the Potomac, are just a few ways you can maintain an active lifestyle in DC You can also join a social sports team, or meet some friends for a game of basketball, tennis, or volleyball in parks throughout the city.

Places of Worship

Washington, DC is home to a diverse array of churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship meaning you're sure to find an affirming spiritual home no matter your religious beliefs or creed.