Additional Healthcare Options

Medical Facilities, Hospitals and Other Support


Non-Urgent & Urgent Medical Care Facilities
  • Metro Immediate & Primary Care, McPherson Square
    1101 15th St NW (15th & L Streets, NW)
    Phone: (202) 798-0100
    Metro: Farragut North
    (This facility does accept health insurance.)
  • Dupont Comprehensive Health
    1700 17th St. NW (17th & R Streets, NW)
    Metro: Dupont Circle
    Phone: 202-483-4400
    (This facility does accept health insurance.)
  • Farragut Medical and Travel Care
    815 Connecticut Ave NW (Connecticut and H Street, NW)
    Metro: Farragut West
    Phone: 202-775-8500
    (This facility does not accept insurance at the time of your visit.  Your appointment will cost $100, plus lab work if applicable.  You may send your paperwork to your insurance company afterwards for possible reimbursement.)

There are a few options for emergency medical care in the DC area.   

Important note: Students should inform their Study in DC Program Coordinator immediately if there is a serious medical concern that impacts their program performance.
Three of the most prominent hospitals in the area are:

  • INOVA Alexandria Hospital
    4320 Seminary Road, Alexandria, VA 22304
    Phone: 703-504-3000
  • George Washington University Hospital
    901 23rd St. NW, Washington, DC
    Phone: 202-715-4000
  • Georgetown University Hospital
    3800 Reservoir Rd., Washington, DC
    Phone: 202-444-2000
Other Important Numbers
  • DC Police, Non-Emergency number: 311
  • VA Police, Non-Emergency: 703-558-2222 
  • DC Rape Crisis Hotline: 202-333-7273 
  • Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE 
  • National Center for Victims of Crime: 1-800-211-7996 
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: 202-966-9115 
  • Georgetown Eating Disorders Clinic: 202-687-8609

If you need additional, or more specific, resources, please speak with your Program Coordinator.

Before starting your semester here, check with your healthcare provider to find doctors and specialists in the DC area. It's good to have a list of names and phone numbers on hand.