Fellowship Timetable

General information about the State Department can be found at http://www.state.gov

Specific internship application information and forms can be found at http://careers.state.gov/students/programs.html

Deadline for completion of State Department online internship applications. Please double check this date with the State Department posting; it is listed here as a guide, not as absolute.

Visit http://careers.state.gov/intern/student-internships for more information on the Summer Student Internship Program and application process.

State Department completes most intern selections, notifies summer interns. (Sometimes interns are selected by the State Department late in the spring; the Harriman program cannot invite applications from State Department interns selected after the Harriman selection process has begun.)

State Department notifies Harriman Program Office of intern selections for Paris, London and Washington.
Security Clearance of interns conducted by State Department.
Harriman Office notifies eligible candidates and invites them to apply for the Harriman award. Complete instructions for application content and deadline are supplied to Harriman candidates. Interns selected and notified by the State Department after this point are not eligible for Harriman award.
Harriman finalists selected.
Harriman finalists interview in Washington D.C. Harriman Fellows selected and notified.
Service at duty post begins.
Service ends.
Presentation of report by Harriman Fellows at the annual fall meeting of the Harriman Advisory Council.
For more information please contact:

Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowships