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Teaching Assistants

TA information for DC Winter Seminars and DC Summer Institutes

The W&M Washington Center's Study in DC opportunities often allow faculty to hire a Teaching Assistant (TA) to help prepare and run the course/s in DC. If you are interested in being a TA, contact the program professors.

DC Winter Seminars- January 3-11, 2020
  • International Relations: [[acoak, Amy Oakes]]
  • Public Health: [[ascott01, Alison Scott]] &[[seirwin, Sarah Menefee]]
  • Urban Education: [[adstel, Drew Stelljes]]
DC Summer Institutes- Spring Semester, May 18-29, 2020
  • American Politics: [[jsettle, Jaime Settle]]
  • Leadership & Community Engagement: [[adstel, Drew Stelljes]]
  • News & Media: [[tlbarn, Tim Barnard]]

About the Position
Position Description


  • Knowledge of or familiarity with DC (including the Metro system and commuting logistics)
  • Familiarity with the Study in DC opportunity which you would be supporting
  • Tremendous organization skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Interest in the specific topic of the course
  • Interest in meeting the high-profile speakers and alumni in the course


  • Work with DC staff to set up your position with HR (paperwork, etc.)
  • Meet with your faculty to discuss the course topic and their expectations for your work
  • Attend new TA meeting on campus


  • Serve as secondary point person for the course
  • Help organize and manage class speaker/site visit schedule
  • Work with your professor to maintain shared GoogleDoc (or something similar) with faculty and DC staff
  • Attend any campus discussion sessions and work with faculty and DC staff to set up/clean up any catering
  • Communicate with the students – let them know you are a resource for them and keep in touch regularly leading up to and during DC
  • Work with faculty create class site (this can be Blackboard or independent Googlesite if the faculty prefer)
    • Some great past site examples include:
      • newmedia2016.blogs.wm.edu
      • dcsipolitics.wordpress.com
      • election2016wmdc.wordpress.com
      • dcsinewmedia.wordpress.com/
      • sites.google.com/a/email.wm.edu/wmdcurbaned
  • Accompany the class to any/all site visits and in-house speakers
  • Ensure students are bringing gifts and writing thank you notes (proof all thank you notes before they go out)
  • Hourly rate of $8/hour
    • Maximum Hours:
      • DCSI: 120 hours
      • DCWS: 100 hours
  • Lunch each class day in DC
  • Housing: varies by opportunity – contact [[eebattle, Erin Battle]], Housing Cordinator for more information
    • DCSI: not provided (However, DC staff is happy to work with you to find suitable options.)
    • DCWS: You are eligible for our student housing at ½ off, the current rate (your cost = $300)


We want our Study in DC TAs to have a rich, fulfilling experience in DC.  Just by being involved, TAs will surely leave with a great network of contacts (many alumni among them), tremendous organizational skills, and a robust resume entry!

In addition, we recommend each TA try to develop one thing that can be your sort of “signature” piece to contribute to the class (a video, for example) – as a way to leave your mark.  Work with your professor to discuss ways you might consider doing this.

  • DC Winter Seminars: [[molly, Molly Harris]]
  • DC Summer Institutes: [[eebattle, Erin Battle]]
  • Hiring/Payment Information: [[rhys, Rhys Tucker]]