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The DC Semester Program is committed to providing topics that will appeal to students from many different disciplines.  From the Arts to International Relations, and areas in between, the varying semester topics allow students with all areas of interest to participate during a semester that appeals to them.

For this reason, theme titles are incredibly important.  The broader a title sounds, the more students will look into it and consider applying.

Topics that draw the most student interest tend to involve some element of public policy and/or government.  Past themes include Courting Politics, Politicking the Courts: The Intersections Between Law and Politics, U.S. National Security in the Twenty-First Century, International Politics in Economic Hard Times, and Post-Conflict State Building.  Even our Spring 2007 theme, Washington and the Arts: The Intersection of the Global and the Local, still included visits to the Library of Congress and National Endowment for the Arts.