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W&M Employment Resources

To share or search for job opportunities for William & Mary ALUMNI use the W&M SWITCHBOARD: 

  • W&M Switchboard is an online platform where thousands of William & Mary alumni from around the world ask for what they need and offer what they have to give with fellow alumni. This searchable site is best described as a fusion of LinkedIn, Quora and Craigslist, exclusively for W&M alumni.  Whether you need advice, know about a job opportunity, or are seeking to connect with others in your field or city, the W&M Switchboard makes it easy for you to search, ask, offer, and message.  Please note the Switchboard is for W&M alumni only.
  • Learn more about the W&M Switchboard and additional W&M alumni career & networking resources If you have any questions: 
  • [[masteelman,CONTACT Michael Steelman]]

To share opportunities with current undergraduate STUDENTS and RECENT GRADUATES use TRIBE CAREERS:

  • Tribe Careers is an online job portal for W&M students and recent graduates.  Aside from posting jobs, you can request to host an information session or hold interviews on campus in the Cohen Career Center. You can also register to attend major events and fairs hosted by Cohen via your Tribe Careers profile. Please keep in mind that the majority of our users on Tribe Careers are current undergrads or recent alumni, so this resource is best for posting internships or entry-level positions. For more information on how to get involved, you can go to If you have any questions or need help at ANY time: 
  • [[career, CONTACT Cohen Career Center]]

To share opportunities for graduate business STUDENTS in the following programs:  MBA, MS in Business Analytics or Masters of Accounting use MASONLink:

  • MASONLink is the official gateway to post employment opportunities for William & Mary's Raymond A. Mason School of Business Graduate Students and Alumni.  In addition to posting jobs, you can request to attend our signature events, join us as a featured speaker, host an information session or set-up interviews with graduate students at Miller Hall’s Graduate Career Management Center (GCMC).  Learn more about the GCMC team here.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please 
  • [[cjlynch01, CONTACT Colleen Lynch]]

To share opportunities with LAW STUDENTS and JD GRADUATES:

  • Send job postings to or complete one of our recruiting program registration forms at The Law School’s Office of Career Services will promote your opportunity to our students or graduates, depending on the experience level you want, and can offer a variety of recruiting platforms including job postings, on- and off-campus interview programs, and resume forwards. Our JD students and alumni work in legal and non-legal settings including public policy, congressional, government, and corporate employers. Questions?
  • [[rjsein, CONTACT Ramona Sein]]