Washington Networking Webinar

Join alumnus and William & Mary Washington Center Executive Director Adam Anthony '87 in this WMAA Webinar to learn how critical networking is to finding a job in Washington D.C.  Everyone knows that networking is important. What not everyone knows is why it's important (especially in D.C.) and further, what are the best and most efficient ways to do it.

Also, learn about why the "Point and Click" method of finding a job is useless—and why online job sites like Monster.com and Idealist.org have made networking more important than ever. This webinar will be helpful to an alum looking for their first job or a new job—and even current students looking for summer internships.

Networking in D.C.: Why It's Important, How Do You Do It, and Why Trying to "Point and Click" Yourself a Job is Useless in from wmalumni on Vimeo.