W&M DC Center Alumni Mentor/Speaker Registration

Thank you for your interest in working with W&M Study in DC students!  Your time and support makes a great difference!

This information will be available only to W&M students and administrators for the purposes of this opportunity.  

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*Mentors are needed for all of our Study in DC opportunities. "Mentoring" our students can be as simple as attending a single one-off speed-networking dinner with a group of students or as involved as a semester-long student "mentee" assigned to you with the expectation for three of more one-on-one meetings. Please note: not all alumni who sign up to be a mentor will be selected - the mentor pairings are made on an individual basis depending on student and alumni interests/experiences.

We also need alumni willing to speak with classes during single, topical sessions (leadership in non-profits, women in politics, environmental action, public health, etc.).

Let us know in which activities you're interested.

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