Engage With Study in DC Students

Students enrolled in W&M Study in DC opportunities benefit immensely from connections with DC-area alumni and families.  Here are ways you can engage:

Provide Students Career Advice

Washington Center staff matches students (during the semester and summer) with DC-area alumni/families who are willing to talk about their jobs and careers and to provide students advice on how to achieve their own career goals.   This connection can happen in a one-on-one setting or at “speed networking” sessions the Washington Center organizes throughout the year.

  • If you are interested in providing a student career advice, please fill out this interest form.
Hire a Student Intern (or Connect Us With Someone Who Will)

The W&M DC Semester and DC Summer Institutes opportunities combine intensive classroom experiences with work at one of DC’s many public, private, and non-profit institutions.  Washington Center staff help up to 90 Study in DC students a year find internships -- and we couldn't do it without the assistance of committed alumni and families.  

Employers enjoy the benefits of hiring hard-working, high-achieving students (many of whom are full time) and engaging with DC-based administrators who serve as contacts throughout the internship.

  • If you are interested in hiring a W&M intern for a semester or summer (or know someone who can), please fill out this prospective employer form.
Speak with/Host a Class (or Connect Us With Someone Who Will)

A special feature of Study in DC opportunities is the opportunity for students and faculty to engage with DC's many dynamic public, private, and non-profit institutions. We create a unique learning environment for students when they discuss course topics with experts, organizational leaders, elected officials, and policy makers in their areas of expertise -- especially while guided by a W&M faculty member.

  • If you are willing to talk with one of our classes or host them at your place of business, please fill out this interest form.
Donate to the W&M Study in DC Scholarship Fund

W&M Study in DC opportunities expose our students to the dynamic governmental, business, cultural, non-profit, and social institutions of the region, help integrate them into DC’s vibrant William & Mary alumni network, and allow them to begin exploring their career paths in the “real world.” 

Unfortunately, we’re seeing these incredible opportunities denied to an increasing number of William & Mary students due to financial constraints. 

The W&M Study in DC Scholarship Fund provides grants to these students to help them start their careers. 

Help Guide the W&M Washington Center

The W&M Washington Center Advisory Board is always looking for alumni to serve in leadership roles.