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20th Anniversary Giving

Support William & Mary students studying in D.C. by giving a gift in honor of the Washington Center’s 20th Anniversary! Whether you give $20 or $20,000, your 20th Anniversary gift makes a big difference. Help increase Study in D.C. program accessibility for all W&M students!

Give Now!

*Everyone who donates in 2021 will be mailed a commemorative pin and we look forward to thanking them in person at our 20th Anniversary Celebration in November 2021!

Since 2016, 54% of Study in D.C. Scholarship Fund applicants' have been “ high need” and this will likely increase in the coming years. Through the support and generosity of our donors, the Center has been able to provide many partial awards, but currently only 6% of our students receive full scholarships. Our goal is to further increase the support available to students so that we can increase the number of full, impactful scholarships. Sustainable scholarship funding helps to bolster student diversity and equity within Study in D.C. programs creating a holistic experience for all.

Presently, 28% of students accepted into Study in D.C. programs withdraw from the program due to financial constraints. Each year the Center loses highly qualified, diverse students who are unable to cover the additional expenses associated with Study in D.C. academic experiences. The Study in D.C. Scholarship Fund is the only additional source of funding for D.C. Winter Seminars and D.C. Summer Institutes students outside of incurring additional loan debt. Help the Washington Center grow our academic opportunities and make a difference for a greater number of William & Mary students hoping to expand their academic experience in the nation’s capital.

 Your Gift in Action

Expenses associated with Study in D.C. include:

  • $100 covers transportation for a D.C. Summer Institutes or D.C. Winter Seminars student
  • $250 covers the program fee for D.C. Summer Institutes
  • $500 covers the program fee for the Semester Program or D.C. Winter Seminars
  • $3,650 fully funds a D.C. Winter Seminars experience
  • $4,000 funds housing for one D.C. Summer Institutes fellow
  • $10,830 funds a full D.C. Summer Institutes Scholarship for one out-of-state fellow
  • $54,650 meets the projected need for all D.C. Winter Seminars Scholarships in 2022
  • $216,600 meets the projected need for all D.C. Summer Institutes Scholarships in 2021
  • $307,162 meets the minimum projected need for all Study in D.C. Scholarships annually

*D.C. Summer Institutes is the Study in D.C. academic opportunity with the highest out-of-pocket expense to the student.