Open-Source Projects

In Creative Services we are a big fan of open-source projects and software. Many of our projects use open-source code. In keeping with the spirit of the open-source community we have contributed code back to the community including:

Open-source projects we have used include:

We also use many open source projects for day-to-day stuff including:

  • Feng - Our task management system
  • ThinkUp - Used to archive and analyze activity on our Twitter, Facebook and G+ accounts
  • Firefox - Web browser
  • Komodo Edit - Code and text editor
  • WampServer / MAMP - Runs a local web server
  • Mercurial - Source control management tool
  • MacHg - GUI interface to Mercurial
  • Open Office / LibreOffice - Free alternatives to Microsoft Office
  • GIMP - Image manipulation software (an alternative to Adobe Photoshop)
  • VLC - Cross-platform multimedia player
  • Cyberduck - FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files, Google Docs & Amazon S3 Browser for Mac & Windows
  • FileZilla - FTP client
  • Pidgin - chat client
  • Adium - chat client