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Title IX Advisors

William & Mary trains a group of faculty and staff to serve as advisors and assigns an advisor to each party based on advisor availability.  Civil Rights Investigation Training Guide for Advisors October 2021


Role of the Advisor.  During interviews or meetings, an advisor may confer with or advise the party, may request a brief pause in the proceeding to confer with the student privately, and is provided a limited opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns during meetings or interviews.  The university expects parties to speak on their own behalf; an advisor does not respond to questions on the party’s behalf.  An advisor who disrupts a meeting, interview or proceeding will be required to leave the proceeding. 

In a Determination Conference that involves an allegation of Title IX Sexual Harassment as defined in the Title IX Policy, the party’s advisor is permitted to directly ask the parties and any witnesses all relevant questions and follow-up questions, including questions that challenge the person’s credibility (See Section VII (H)(2) of this procedure).  In a Determination Conference that involves allegations of misconduct under the Discrimination Policy, the Determination Official(s) are the only person(s) permitted to directly ask the parties and any witnesses all relevant questions and follow-up questions, including questions submitted in writing by a party. 

Parties may share records and investigation communications with their advisor. If a party engages an external advisor of their choice, they and the advisor must agree to consent and confidentiality requirements.