Frequently Asked Questions for College and Graduate Students

This page provides some frequenlty asked questions for college and graduate students and their rights regarding pregancy and lactation under Title IX.  If you need assistance with academic or other accommodations contact Student Accessibility Services. Information about lactation rights and resources and pregnancy rights and resources is also avaliable.

1. Does my school have to excuse absences due to pregancy and related conditions?
Yes, schools must excuse absences due to pregnancy and other related conditions for as long as medically necessary.  Upon your return to school, you must be reinstated to the status you held before your absence. 

2. Am I allowed to make up any missed work?
Your school must provide you with the opportunity to make up any missed work while you were out.

3.  Am I allowed to continue participation in classes and extracurricular activities?
You must be allowed to continue participating in classes and extracurricular activities even though you are pregnant.  This means that you can still participate in clubs, sports, honor societies and student leadership opportunities.

4. Does my school have to provide special academic services to me like tutoring?
If these special services are provided to students with other temporary disabilities, then the school is required to provide them to pregnant students. 

5. I want to return to school three days after I have the baby but my department head thinks I should take more time off.  What should I do?
Your school must leave it up to you and your doctor to decide when to return. 

6. I want to breastfeed my child.  Am I allowed to do this on campus?
Title IX prohibits schools from discriminating against pregnant and parenting students under Title IX. Lactation is a normal part of of pregnancy and parenting.  Reasonable accommodations should be made to be in Title IX compliance.

7.  Where can I go if I need to breastfeed?
There are places on campus that students can go to breastfeed or express milk.  The locations provided are not an exhaustive list and other accommodations can be made by contacting Student Accessibility Services.