Mandatory Reporting

General Reporting Obligation - Code of Ethics

William & Mary's Code of Ethics, adopted by the Board of Visitors in 2009, obligates all members of the university community to report any illegal or unethical conduct that comes to their attention, "so the university can investigate and take corrective steps." The Code of Ethics is focused on illegal or unethical conduct by members of the W&M community relating to the W&M community. Criminal conduct that poses a threat to the safety of the campus must also be reported; these reports should be made to the William & Mary Police.

There are many ways to make reports, file complaints, or otherwise bring to light violations or concerns. The Office of Compliance & Equity has information about the different reporting and complaint mechanisms. The Chief Compliance Officer can accept reports and provide information.

Specific Reporting Obligations

In addition to the general reporting requirement in the Code of Ethics, there are specific reporting requirements imposed on university employees by law and university policy:

  1. All employees must report suspected child abuse (abuse of a minor), under state law
  2. Campus Security Authorities must report to W&M Police certain types of criminal conduct ("Clery Act crimes") occurring on campus or W&M-controlled property, under the university's Crime Reporting Policy
  3. All employees must report their own criminal conviction of certain drug or alcohol law violations, under state policy
  4. All employees (except for those working in the Counseling Center, Student Health Center and a very few other "confidential resources") must report certain instances or situations of sexual harassment or sexual violence:
    • sexual harassment affecting a student, including sexual violence such as sexual assault and non-consensual sexual intercourse, and
    • sexual violence occurring on campus or W&M-controlled property (our "Clery Act geography")
  5. Faculty, supervisors and managers must report any incidents or complaints of discrimination or harassment, under the Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation, and
  6. All employees must report threats and acts of violence.

University employees in certain positions or who are engaged in certain activities, such as grant-sponsored research, may be subject to additional reporting requirements.

This page last updated August 2015.